Services for buyers:
  • We study all the relevant documentation needed on the day of the sale at the notary’s office.
  • We check the registration status of the property, the title deeds, the relevant licenses to verify the urban situation, and we make sure that there are no charges or surprises.
  • We check IBI receipts and garbage and community taxes.
  • We manage the energy certificate should needed.
  • We deal with all parties involved such as banks, owners, institutions, collaborators to arrange a smooth buying process.
  • We clarify doubts about all the costs and taxes involved when buying or selling a property in Spain.
  • We explain in detail what payments must be done and why.
  • We prepare in advance everything for the notary’s office signature to secure that signing the contracts flows smoothly.
  • On the day of the signing, we will also go to the notary’s office with you until the very end of the process.
  • We can take care of registering the ownership of the property on your behalf at “Registro de la Propiedad”.
  • We take care of changing supplies contract ownership.
For our owners:
  • Free and non-binding market price valuation.
  • We inform you about all the documentation needed to sell your property helping you to collect them all as a starting point of the selling process.
  • We manage the energy certificate with well-known professionals.
  • Professional interactive 360º Matterport photos and videos, Drone videos
  • Professional advice with renovations, homestaging, or simply a facelift needed to increase sales possibilities.
  • Viewing the property with the entire sales team.
  • Active identification of potential customers.
  • Direct marketing activities: Newsletter, own magazine BL, interactive showcase, social networks, own website.
  • Advertising on national and international real estate portals.
  • Advertising on professional-only real estate portals for maximum visibility.
  • Exclusive sign.
  • Ongoing reporting of visits and activities.
  • Bid negotiation.
  • Preparation and signing of a deposit contract and management of all documentation with all parties involved for signature at the notary’s office.
  • On the day of the signing, we will also go to the notary with you to help on any matter which might arise until the end of the process.
Rental Services
  • We perform a detailed and tailored market research for each client, within our own portfolio and also of our trusted partner agencies.
  • We organize the visits in the most efficient way possible.
  • We review and assist you with the signing of the lease contract ensuring full compliance with applicable law safeguarding the interests of both parties.
  • We help you the entrance day to check and to the readings of all the supplies meters. We do on your behalf all relevant changes to the supply contracts.
  • We take the pictures for the inventory.
  • We are by your side at the time of contract termination for bonding issues, supply changes, etc.

We help you if for family, personal or professional issues, you do need to move abroad. We have tailor-made Relocation packages, because we know that the needs of each family are different and therefore, we are flexible and happy to adapt to your needs.

We offer personalized assistance:

Orientation tour of the different residential areas

  • Househunting
  • Search of schools
  • Management and help with all the procedures to rent or buy a house
  • Management and help with daily life procedures such as opening a bank account, managing the NIE, buying furniture, decorating the house, where to get a painter or plumber, etc.

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Services before or after buying, selling or renting a property
We can organize through our network of trusted local providers, almost all the services you may need, should you need help with any service not mentioned here we will be delighted to help.
  • Renovations and maintenance works
  • Interior decoration
  • Installation of telephones/ Internet/satellites
  • Furniture, Kitchens and bathrooms
  •  Insurance
  • Car dealers
  •  Painters and carpenters
  • Plumbers and electricians
  •  Gardeners
  •  Alarm installation
  • Blinds and windows
  • Furniture storage and removals
  • Vets and Dog Day Care
  • Party organization and catering

We work with several lawyers we trust, with German and Spanish lawyers, who know the Costa del Sol real estate sector perfectly and who advise us and keep us up to date with current legislation.


We want you to feel confident and informed throughout the process of buying or selling a property. We will be at your side throughout the process from start to finish.


We offer you a first meeting with free and personalized legal advice.

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