23J general election: when is the last day to apply for a postal vote?

After the general elections were brought forward to 23 July, many citizens are considering applying to vote by post so as not to have to interrupt their holidays. However, it is very important to be aware of the deadlines in order to be well organised and to exercise the right to vote.

From 30 June, the day after the 23J general election was officially called, until 13 July, you can apply to vote by post. However, the envelope containing the applicant’s vote will have to be delivered to any post office between 3 and 19 July 2023.

Therefore, citizens have until 13 July to consider whether they want or need to vote by post. This deadline gives enough time to find out the members of the polling stations, as the names will be made public between 24 and 28 June. Those not selected will therefore be able to go on holiday without any problems and request a postal vote.

Once requested, they will have to deliver their vote to any post office in Spain, even if it is not the one in the city where they live. This means that the envelope can be delivered to the place where you are enjoying your holidays. The only thing to bear in mind is that the deadline for submitting the envelope is Wednesday 19 July.

How to vote by post?

After presenting the DNI at a post office or requesting it online, the Electoral Census Office will send several documents to the postal address indicated.

The documentation will include a ballot paper for each political party participating in the elections, an envelope to include the option chosen, the census registration certificate, information on the polling station and complementary information.

In the envelope, it is only necessary to put the ballot paper in its corresponding envelope and the certificate of registration in the census. Nothing else, as it could be considered null and void.


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