Taylor Swift’s musical phenomenon .

The artist of the moment has demonstrated in the capital her positive and radiant quality and energy on stage.

Experiences are enjoyed three times: when they are planned, when they are lived and when they are remembered. This week in Madrid some 130,000 swifties (as Taylor Swift’s fans call themselves) were able to fulfil their dream of living the musical experience of the moment: The Eras Tour. I included myself, with overflowing happiness and excitement in this group of fans. I had the opportunity (and the great luck) to live one of the best experiences of my life. I’m going to explain why. I hope I won’t disappoint.

The preparation for seeing the Swift tsunami was no small feat. From soaking up her extensive and chameleon-like discography, to making friendship bracelets with lyrics from her songs to exchange in the venue, to planning which album, or rather which album, would be our look (each album has its own characteristic colours and clearly identifiable aesthetics).

Taylor performed a tour of his 18-year career in almost four hours of concert time. Not even three minutes had passed and we were already seeing live one of the singer’s most listened to songs, Cruel Summer. The American singer gave the audience a wink: ‘Do you know the bridge to this song? Try it! The response from the crowd in attendance caused the Bernabéu to rumble like never before, with 67,000 people singing along. Everything has been thought of here: from wristbands that light up in colour to the rhythm of the songs, to a stage with platforms that rise up, or run the length of the stage, to fire, bicycles and funny interventions by the dancers. At each concert, Taylor Swift gives way to one of her dancers to translate, in the slang of each city, what in English would be ‘Like never’, from her song ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’. To our surprise, at this second concert the phrase was ‘never drunk’. I think more than one of us would agree that we wouldn’t want to get back together with an ex ‘not even drunk’.


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Friday May 31 1:33 pm

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