28 February, Andalusia Day: What is it celebrated?

The Day of Andalusia is celebrated on 28 February and commemorates the day of the referendum on the Andalusian autonomy initiative of 1980 which gave full autonomy to the Andalusian community.

The 28 February referendum came after the great autonomy demonstrations of 4 December 1977.

On the 4th of December 2022, the day of the Andalusian Flag was celebrated for the first time, as a tribute to that demonstration of the 4th of December 1977 and this day has been chosen as a tribute to that 4th December.

In many towns and cities balconies are decorated and the Andalusian flag is hung on the grilles and hooks of the balconies, Andalusian courtyard competitions are held and in schools and institutes the Andalusian anthem is sung and played on the flute. In schools before 28 February, various activities are programmed to commemorate the day of Andalusia. Today it is a holiday in all Andalusian towns and villages. Bread with olive oil and sugar is eaten in towns and cities and especially in schools.

The schools commemorate this festivity a few days before so that the pupils get to know the traditions of their land. In addition to eating mollete antequerano with olive oil and sugar. Some schools organise a party to show some elements of Andalusia, such as the anthem of Andalusia and the typical Andalusian costumes, and encourage students to come to school dressed in Andalusian costumes if they wish. In the case of the girls, they wear the flamenco dress, and the students wear the Andalusian short dress, as it is an icon of Andalusian culture.





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