6 ideas for lighting your home .

The use of spotlights as entrance lights to the house is one of the most frequent choices. In fact, these discreet, versatile and small lights have at least 5 recognisable qualities:

They match all styles of furniture (classic, modern, vintage…).
They can be easily combined with all types of entrance lights (wall lights, cluster chandeliers, ceiling lights…).
They can be used as general lighting in all rooms, thus also creating an effect of continuity between the different rooms.
They can be used to highlight certain elements or corners of the house.
They can be used on the ceiling or on the floor to emphasise a wall worked in stone or painted in a particular way.

Floodlights also provide homogeneous illumination of the entrance and, in combination with a cabinet with full-height reflective doors, are effective in amplifying the light and dimensions of a small entrance.

Generally, natural light is scarce at the corridor entrance, so it is important to install several light points along the entire length of the corridor. What is the most effective design strategy? Get the balance right between general and accent lighting, so combine ceiling, wall and floor lights correctly, such as spotlights, wall lights with shades (to distribute light evenly) and floor lamps.

Sometimes, we choose to knock down non-load-bearing walls and join two or more rooms together. This is often the case with an entrance hall and living room and is not a bad choice, as it allows us to optimise the use of space and at the same time free up creativity and design lighting, such as a corner with luminous geometries that extend up to the ceiling.

Create light effects with spotlights and LED strips, choose furniture with integrated LEDs and place a floor lamp next to an armchair to economically transform a dark entrance into a relaxing entrance with a soft ambience.

Finally, to illuminate the ceiling entrance, we advise you to opt for lamps that recall the style of decoration of the house and combine them with spotlights, choosing the same colour temperature for both light sources.

Types of lighting

In order to choose and combine the entrance lights of the house in the right way, it may be useful to know that there are 3 types of lighting to refer to:

General: it is the light from the ceiling that serves as the main lighting in the room.
Accent: is the light that focuses on specific pieces of furniture or points in the room for emphasis and prominence.
Activity: this is the typical artificial light that is entrusted with the task of brightening up leisure and relaxation activities (e.g. sewing and reading).



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