Arte de Cozina – wonderful boutique hotel and restaurant in Antequera.

Bring back the flavour of times gone by to your palate.

We recover, prepare and reinterpret the old way of cooking in the Antequera region.

Arte de Cozina is a culinary journey through time with Charo Carmona. With us you will be able to taste ancient flavours, be surprised by its most distinctive aspects and explore the traditional recipes of Málaga.

Seasonal products from the surrounding area, traditional crops, organic livestock and home-grown produce supply our pantry with the best Andalusian ingredients,

which bring quality and tradition to our dishes, promote our culinary heritage and the sustainability of our habitat.

Let yourself be advised by our sommelier, Fran Martínez Carmona, and his careful selection of the best vermouths and wines of Malaga, as well as the experience of Luis Martínez Carmona and his careful selection of beers, the best possible company in your gastronomic journey through each of our dishes.


Feel at home with us
A 17th century Antequera house that offers its visitors the cosy atmosphere of its rooms and its tasty cuisine.

Our guesthouse is located on the first floor of a unique building, part of the house of the Baron of Sabasona. The facilities, which have been restored respecting their original features, offer the comfort and tranquillity of a family atmosphere.


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