Astro-tourism in Andalusia is a great experience to discover.

What is astro-tourism?

It means landing in a place far away from any light pollution to observe the sky and space.

It means discovering astronomy by observing the stars, the moon, the Milky Way, constellations, black holes, comets, galaxies, nebulae and dust clouds.

Skywatching in Andalusia

Andalusia has several advantages for ideal skywatching. There are many places far away from any light pollution, the weather is mild and there are often few clouds.

Finally, the night-time temperatures in Andalusia are favourable for spending a long time outdoors.

Where to see the stars best in Andalusia?

One man, Stéphane, who is passionate about astronomy and who has spent his life between Brazil and Switzerland, had a telescope built for him. This telescope has a mirror of an unusual size, with a diameter of 711 mm.

In comparison, many public observatories, although their telescopes are dome-shaped, only have mirrors of 200 to 400 mm.

Where to see the Milky Way, the Perseids in Andalusia?

He also found, after much research, the ideal location, between Granada and Malaga.

He has set up his telescope and planetarium in the surroundings of Alhama de Granada and offers everybody the possibility to come and experience it.

Alhama de Granada is about 80 km from Malaga and 55 km from Granada.

I would also like to say that the site offers beautiful sunsets and an excellent view of the Sierra Nevada.


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