Charity Golf Tournament at Atalaya country club in Marbella – 27th May 2023 (Lions Club Marbella- German Language)

Lions Clubs International is a worldwide service organisation with more than 46,000 clubs and 1.5 million active members in 206 countries and geographic areas.1 The organisation claims to aim to meet the needs of the community both locally and globally.

One of these clubs originates in Marbella, and Anke Borchert the director of the Von Poll Real Estate office is its vice president.

Its origins are in the United States. Chicago (Illinois, USA) businessman Melvin Jones invited various groups to join an organisation, with the vision of broadening their horizons beyond personal or exclusively professional interests, for the benefit of the collective.

The group invited by Jones accepted the invitation and held an organisational meeting in Chicago on 7 June 1917. The newly organised group took its name from one of the already existing groups that had been invited, the Association of Lions Clubs. In October 1917, the first national convention was held in Dallas, Texas, USA, at which the constitution and by-laws were adopted, as well as the objectives and code of ethics.

The first Lions Club to be organised outside the United States was chartered in Canada on 12 March 1920, giving the organisation its international character.

Lions – as its members call themselves – join clubs at the invitation of one of their members, meeting weekly, bi-weekly or monthly to address a variety of issues of collective interest, except those related to partisan preference or religious creed.

The motto of Lionism is “we serve” and refers directly to the core idea of the institution: the performance of private community service on the largest possible scale.

Community service has been defined as follows: “It is a social activity, undertaken on a voluntary basis, by people who join a non-profit organisation, conscious of their responsibility towards their fellow man and society; the aim is to provide in-depth attention to the needs that arise in the community, so that its members can achieve well-being in the broadest sense of the word”. (Fundamentals of Private Community Service, Nelson de Vida Martincorena, p. 53).

The international headquarters of the Lions Clubs is called Lions Clubs International, with headquarters in Oak Brook (Illinois, USA).

In Marbella they organise a charity golf tournament with all proceeds going to a non-profit organisation decided by the club members.

Call: 27th May 2023 – Atalaya Old course. The round starts at 9.00 am. Price 140 euros golf + dinner and 70 euros dinner only.


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