Copper forest, the enchanted autumn on the Costa del Sol.

We enter the Copper Forest, the perfect place to immerse yourself in the colours of autumn in Malaga, yellowish, orange and reddish leaves carpet the whole area.

In the province, abundant in evergreen species, there is no other place like it. Its fairytale landscape is located in the Serranía de Ronda, in the beautiful Genal Valley, and is made up of large chestnut trees (25 metres high)… This landscape includes the small municipalities of Alpandeire, Cartajima, Igualeja, Benadalid, Faraján, Jubrique, Benalauría, Genalguacil, Júzcar, Parauta, Pujerra and Yunquera. This whole area has not been affected by the fire in the Sierra.

They are all white villages with a special charm, where you can still appreciate the customs of many years ago. October and November, in fact, govern their calendar, as these are the months when chestnuts are harvested, a great source of income in the area.

There are several short trails that cross the most famous chestnut forest in the province. Most of them cover stretches of land that separate one village from another: Cartajima to Júzcar (PR-A-224), Júzcar to Pujerra (PR-A-225), Júzcar to Faraján (PR-A-227), Alpandeire to Atajate (PR-A-229), Atajate to Benalauría (PR-A-235), from Benadalid to Benalauiría (PR-A-236), from Benalauría to Algatocín (PR-A-238), from Benarrabá to Genalguacil (PR-A-240) and from Jubrique to Benalauría (PR-A-291).



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