Estepona gets wet: it will be possible to fill the swimming pools this summer

It is the first municipality on the coast whose mayor clearly states that he will authorise the use of water for these facilities.

We have never found any justification for why some pools are open and others are not. In Estepona we are clear that the pools are going to be authorised”, was the forceful response of its mayor, José María García Urbano, when asked about this issue. The councillor also announced today at the SUR water forum that he is working on an ecological label, so that those with awnings, water purifiers with water recovery, etc, will have the category of “sustainable pool” and in these periods of drought would have guaranteed use.

For her part, Penélope Gómez, Councillor for Environmental Sustainability at Malaga City Council said that in the case of the capital, although it is being calculated what this means, community pools will in principle be authorised, while for private pools the decision will be taken in consensus with the residents.

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Friday Apr 19 1:24 pm

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