La Hedionda Roman Baths in Casares.

It is said that the devil breathed his last breath here when he was expelled by Santiago. This is one of the legends that the popular imagination keeps to justify the sulphurous smell of the waters. The baths are known as Baños de la Hedionda, an Asset of Cultural Interest, are one of the historical landmarks of the Utrera massif and in general of the whole of Casares.

They are Sulphurous Ferruginous Baths, located in a beautiful and advantageous spot, which man has known how to take advantage of since Roman times. The square enclosure of the spa, with a spherical vault with pendentives and two barrel vaults, is located on the right bank of the Albarrán stream and very close to the border with the municipality of Manilva.


On the course of the Manilva River, following the path to the baths from the town of Manilva. Pass under the viaduct of the AP-7 motorway and continue along the dirt track that leads to the baths themselves.


The baths have:
– A spring that emerges from the Manilva River itself.
– Bath building with a vaulted room and two galleries also covered by a vault.

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