Police in Marbella promote a plan against marginalisation.

The National Police in Marbella is promoting an initiative to reverse the situation of marginality and criminality in certain areas of the city. A high percentage of common crimes have their roots in a social problem, so the approach to join prevention to actions to reverse this situation in areas of the municipality such as Las Albarizas.

To this end, the Marbella Local Police Station has coordinated in recent weeks up to three meetings with representatives of different institutions to address common crime and the damage linked to it from different perspectives, especially from a social and welfare perspective.

In this comprehensive plan, implemented by the National Police, the Marbella Town Hall, the Marbella Prosecutor’s Office, the Institute of Legal Medicine, the Bar Association, the Red Cross, Horizonte Proyecto Hombre Marbella and the Costa del Sol Hospital are collaborating.

The number of crimes linked to common crime, in reference to criminal acts such as thefts inside vehicles, robberies and burglaries in establishments, remain within similar parameters to other years in this locality, according to the Marbella Police Station.

However, the damage and nuisance that these criminal offences cause to citizens are significant, especially in certain areas of the city such as Las Albarizas and its surroundings, they explain in a statement.

And in reference to this type of criminality, the institutions coincide in what they understand to be the root of a social problem: in a high percentage of so-called common crimes there is a personal story behind them connected to situations of marginality and drug addiction problems.

And it is here where the National Police, in addition to intensifying prevention in the most affected areas with a greater uniformed police presence and boosting investigative work to fully clarify the facts, urges the other collaborating institutions to join forces, in the social and welfare sphere, to tackle the problem at its source and reverse the situation in certain areas of the city.



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Friday Aug 04 11:40 am

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