San Isidro Fair in Estepona: Official Programme 2023

From 10 to 15 May, Estepona celebrates one of the most important festivals of the year: the Fair of San Isidro Labrador, patron saint of the town. During these days, there are all kinds of participatory activities in which the people of Estepona show their joy to the world. So that you don’t miss a single one, we present you with this year’s official calendar of activities. Long live San Isidro!

On Wednesday 10 May, Children’s Day will be celebrated at the local San Isidro Fair, with the following programme:

19:00 hours: Grand Cavalcade of Joy with Giants and Big-heads. The parade will leave from the Víctor de la Serna school and will go along Avenida San Lorenzo, Calle Real, Terraza, Granada, San Juan and return to the school. The Agrupación Musical ‘Marbella’ will liven up the event.

22:00 hours: Inauguration of the amusement park in the Recinto Ferial. There will be a ribbon cutting, a procession of authorities, Queens and Maids of Honour, accompanied by the Estepona Municipal Band.

22:01 h.: The rides start at 50% discount, especially for children.

23:30 hours: Music at the official San Isidro Labrador stand.

For Thursday we have the following activities:

10:30 am: Olive workshop at the official stand. Pilar Laura Martínez de la Puerta will be in charge of preparing seasoned olives.

11:30 a.m.: Activity “Isidro, El Arriero y su Burrita Molinera”. Isidro García, master muleteer, will tell incredible stories to the children.

From 13:00 hours: Exhibition of Canaries in the official stand. The Pajarería Quirós de Estepona will exhibit the best canaries, being the Spanish breed group world champion in 2021.

17:30 hours: Children’s party.

22:30 hours: Musical entertainment with DJ.

12th of May

The San Isidro Fair continues on Friday with a whole host of other activities:

14:00: Soup in the official stall for one euro to benefit the Brotherhood.

17:00 hours: Pleitas workshop. If you’ve never seen esparto grass weaving before, you can’t miss it.

19:30 hours: Solidarity Wagon. The collection of non-perishable foodstuffs for the offering of the Patron Saint will take place. The route is as follows: Departure from the Casa de la Hermandad, Monterroso, Juan Carlos I, Policía Nacional, Guardia Civil, Pilar de Farinós, Casares, María Espinosa, Blas Ortega, Jesús y María, Calvario, Granada, El Cid, Valencia and Parroquia de San José.

21:30: Dance performance in the official stand by La Milana.

22:45: Dancing with the musical group Latidos.

13th May

What you should know:


We arrive on Saturday with many more options for a good time.

10:30 a.m.: Competition of wines from Estepona and the surrounding area in the official stand. Prizes for the three categories: Dry, Semi-Dry and Sweet of €150, €120 and €90 for the top three in each category.

13:30: Axe skills competition. Prizes of €150, €120, €90 for the first three finishers and runners-up prizes of €35.

15:00: Prize-giving ceremony.

16:30 hours: Performance by the Los Jubis music group in the official stand.

22:30: Dance with orchestra, again with the music group Latidos.

14th May

What you should know:

The programme of activities has one of its busiest programmes on Sunday. Here’s what’s in store for you:

10:00 a.m.: Floral offering to the Patron Saint of Estepona in the Parish Hall of San José.

12:00 hours: Horse Gymkhana Competition.

13:00: Horse Tape Race Competition.

14:00 h.: Horseback Pole Vaulting Competition. Prizes of 150€ + trophy, 120€ + trophy and 90€ + trophy for the first three classified.

15:00: Prize-giving ceremony in the official stand.

18:00 hours: Snack for the elderly offered by the Brotherhood to the peasants. There will be a performance by the musical group Amores del Sur from Estepona and dancing by the Centro de Día de Participación Activa, directed by Mónica Peña.

15th May

What you should know:

The last chance to celebrate the San Isidro Fair this 2023. For the closing, here is the plan for Monday:

00.00 am: Announcement of the Big Day in Estepona and closing of the Jubilee Holy Year of San Isidro Labrador. Up to 12 rockets will announce the feast day of the Patron Saint of Estepona.

08.00 hours: Institutional and popular offering to the Patron Saint of Estepona, on the esplanade of the parish church of San José.

12.00 hours: Throughout the day it will be possible to visit the altar in the Plaza C/Casares in honour of San Isidro Labrador. In addition, a collection of bells and cowbells by D. Miguel López, provided by his widow, Dña. Dorinda Fernández, will be on display.

12.30 p.m.: Official presentation of the Institutional Offering, on the esplanade of the parish church of San José. Afterwards, the Dance Academy of the Peña Flamenca de Estepona, directed by Antonio Trujillo, will perform.

13.00 hours: Visit to the Altars installed along the processional route.

18.00 hours: Jubilant departure of San Isidro Labrador (Perpetual Patron Saint and Mayor of Estepona). Horse riders, malagueñas, country stamps, floats… to finish with the Jubilant Procession-Romeria of San Isidro Labrador with the following itinerary: Valencia, Zaragoza, Terraza, Papuecos, Montecillo, Casares, Pinar de Farinós, Prolongación de Avenida de San Lorenzo, new Town Hall of Estepona, Avenida San Lorenzo, Real, Terraza, El Cid, Goya and return to its temple.

22.00: DJ entertainment at the Official San Isidro Labrador Stall.

In short, Estepona is getting ready for another year, with the same enthusiasm as always, to celebrate the San Isidro Fair. If you are not familiar with this popular festival, take the opportunity to visit the Garden of the Costa del Sol. We are sure you will not be left indifferent.

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