“Tapas in Málaga: an unforgettable experience.”

This time we want to know how good it is to drink and eat in Malaga, but not at the tables of its restaurants but in the bars of its bars. We are going out for pinchos and tapas in the Andalusian capital on an unforgettable route through its legendary streets.

A lot of sea and a bit of mountain

Malaga’s recipe book of pinchos and tapas is a sea and mountain in every sense of the word. From fried anchovies to puntillitas, dogfish or red mullet, as well as meatballs in almond sauce, seafood salpicón or prawns with garlic. And also, on the traditional side, ajoblanco and porra antequerana.

El Pimpi (Granada, 62)

Every tapas route in Malaga starts or ends here. El Pimpi is a cathedral (and not just a one-armed manca) among tapas bars. It opened in 1971, but its building (from the 18th century) was already one of the oldest bodegas. And it still is. Among barrels of local wines we can order ensaladilla rusa (Russian salad), roasted peppers and fried fish, especially boquerones (anchovies).

El Chinitas (Moreno Monroy, 4)

This street is home to some of the best bars in Malaga. At El Chinitas, pringá croquettes, fish fritters and its ham.

Atarazanas Market (Atarazanas, 10)

Popular and authentic. Prawns, octopus, fried fish and anchovies, for example.

Cortijo de Pepe (Plaza de la Merced, 2)

Another classic. Local and traditional cuisine… and delicious. From its bacalao a ajillo (cod with garlic) to grilled octopus, including tuna in sauce. And also Iberian cured meats and montaditos.

La Tranca (Carretería, 92)

A tasca as it has always been. Here that means with a wooden bar and tiles on the walls. Among other things, prawn pinchos, a variety of tortillas and empanadas.

Source: 20minutos.es


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