The Abelló Collection, a free loan to the Picasso Foundation

Despite the value of the works that make up the Abelló-Gamazo Collection, the transfer of part of it to the Fundación Picasso-Casa Natal has been completely free and disinterested, as the director of the centre, Lourdes Moreno, indicated at a press conference.

Furthermore, it was not foreseen that the oil paintings ‘Buste’ and ‘Femme au chapeau assise’ would form part of the exhibition ‘Los caminos del trazo. Drawing with Picasso’, but at the last minute those responsible for the Collection offered the Foundation the possibility of adding these two masterful works of art to the exhibition, which can be visited until 5 October.

Undoubtedly, “a show of generosity” by Anna Gamazo de Abelló, as Moreno declared, although he clarified that free loans are a practice carried out by very few institutions. However, this does not mean that the exhibition has been “cheap” for the centre: they have had to face high insurance and transport costs, as they needed a police escort, said the director of the Casa Natal.

Asked why ‘Los caminos del trazo. Drawing with Picasso’ was not inaugurated during the Noche en Blanco, Moreno explained that it was due to the Abelló family’s agenda, as the exhibition hall was already ready.

The Abelló-Gamazo family will be present today at the opening of the exhibition, as Lourdes Moreno confirmed to this newspaper.

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Friday May 10 10:44 am

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