The Aemet indicates the date of the arrival of St Martin’s summer in Spain.

After the passage of the Elisa squall, our country is preparing to face a new and radical change in temperatures this weekend.

The constant squalls, cold and rain have been the main features of the weather in Spain over the last few weeks, leaving many areas under yellow and orange warnings due to the passage of these fronts typical of the season. This Friday Elisa arrives, a new squall that is leaving very heavy showers in the north of France and which will also dump some rainfall in Spain, although the most notable effects will come in the maritime storm on the north coast. However, the last few hours will bring a radical change, bringing stability back to many parts of Spain and saying goodbye to precipitation in many regions… at least for a few days. And, according to the forecast of the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) for this weekend, we are preparing to face a significant rise in temperatures with the arrival of what is known as the “summer of San Martín”.

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Friday Nov 10 2:29 pm

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