The Marbella Local Police holds a training day to reassure the real estate sector.

Marbella Local Police hold a training day to reassure the real estate sector.

  • This meeting has been requested by The Leading Property Agents of Spain (LPA), in response to the concern of some associates about the increase in burglaries of homes.
  •  The Councillor for Citizen Security, José Eduardo Díaz, has assured that the Town Hall is doing its utmost to guarantee the protection of its citizens.
  •  José Carlos León, president of the LPA, stressed that Marbella must have an impeccable security image in order to continue to attract investors.

The LPA (leading property agencies) has held in collaboration with the Marbella Town Hall a training day on security at the headquarters of the Marbella Local Police. This event is the result of the concern shown by LPA as a result of the insecurity generated by the increase in burglaries in homes in Marbella and the Costa del Sol.
The councillor for Public Safety, José Eduardo Díaz, and the head of the Local Police, Javier Martín, met with a group of estate agents to inform them of the various measures that the Council has put in place to guarantee security in the municipality.

During his speech, the councillor highlighted the municipality’s significant investment in direct security, pointing out that it is one of the municipalities that allocates the most resources in this area in the whole of Spain, with a direct investment of 16 million euros per year.

Díaz assured that “we want to send a message of peace of mind to the real estate agents in the LPA. Marbella is a very safe city to live in, with the crime rate dropping year after year. This is possible thanks to the work of the Local Police, with the support of the National Police and the Guardia Civil”.

For his part, the promoter of this event, José Carlos León, president of the LPA, acknowledged the work of the Local Police officers and stressed that “Marbella must have an impeccable image that guarantees security both for those who already live in the area, as well as for new investors who are looking at the Costa del Sol as a holiday destination and future residence. It is also important that the new general plan allows for the possibility of implementing security barriers, sentry boxes and cameras at the entrances to the private urbanisations.

The head of the Local Police, Javier Martín, pointed out that “Marbella is positioned as the first city in the country to implement a complete video surveillance system, which not only serves the prevention and resolution of crimes but also serves as a proactive deterrent thanks to the more than 300 cameras installed in strategic locations”.
Martin continued, “our police force goes beyond traditional ground surveillance, innovating with the use of security drones, especially in high value areas such as golf courses, using thermal detection technology to identify suspicious behaviour.”
“The community, counterbalanced, problem-oriented policing model we have adopted allows for a rapid and efficient response, tailored to the changing needs of our population, which swells from 160,000 to 600,000 during the high season. This flexibility is crucial, given the disparity between the number of inhabitants counted and those actually present. With a staff of 495 professionals, including 395 active police officers and 100 security guards in charge of administrative functions, we ensure constant coverage and attention. This level of preparedness and adaptability is the cornerstone of our security promise, essential to maintaining Marbella’s esteem as a safe and desirable destination for residents and investors,” concluded Martín.

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