The sale of homes in coastal areas has grown by around 5% this summer.

The real estate market has registered a high level of dynamism for both the purchase and rental of residences. After leaving behind the coronavirus crises and showing a resilient behaviour in a context of inflation and war in Europe, Spanish real estate ends the summer with positive figures, high investor interest and a remarkable activity in terms of operations.

In this sense, Inviertis, a real estate investment technology platform, assures that the coastal areas of the country still have a long way to go and for investors, rental yields are attractive, reaching 8% gross annual profitability, which in turn has led to an upward trend in demand. In addition to the national investor, who has continued to play a leading role, German, British, French, Belgian and Italian investors lead the list of investors with the greatest weight on the total, while American and Chinese investors have moderated their interest in Spain after years of high activity.

Inviertis’ forecasts for the short and medium term are positive after an “intense” summer season. In fact, the company stresses that there is a lot of liquidity in the investor segment that does not find an outlet in other products, which is why the brick continues to attract investors seeking a safe haven in the acquisition of real estate assets. “The sale of homes in coastal areas will continue in the medium term and has increased by around 5% this summer,” says Rebeca Perez, CEO and founder of Inviertis.


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Friday Sep 02 2:56 pm

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